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Reasons IOS has succeeded where others have failed


About IOS
Through out its history IOS has not only been competitively awarded jobs, but many times has been contacted and utilized to complete jobs after other companies processes have failed.  As a result, IOS has developed a prestigious client list including several of the world’s largest oil companies, the U.S. Military, as well as, many domestic and international publicly and privately held companies.  In fact, in 2012, IOS Corporation will celebrate its seventh year providing its proprietary product and process to the largest ongoing soil remediation project in the Middle East (see Photo Gallery).


Completing major jobs in less time
IOS product and process can rapidly degredate large volumes of long chained  total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) such as asphaltines, drilling mud cuttings, oil tank sludge, crude oil in a variety of the most challenging environments such as sand, mud and clay with PPM ranging up to 800,000.  The IOS process normally  takes between 6-8 weeks to reach action levels, faster than other bioremediation processes.

  Onsite-"cradle to grave" operation
IOS operations are staged on site, “cradle to grave”, many times eliminating the     chain of custody.  IOS has the ability to treat large volumes of contaminated soil     in a small area using easily accessible windrows.  No matter what the size and scope of the project, IOS has a minimal need for equipment and personnel, thus reducing project costs. Additionally, IOS provides on-site consulting and training making it possible for internal personnel to manage the project. (Click photo to enlarge)



IOS-500 Product
is a bacterium enzymatic activated product that among its many    attributes is certified nonpathogenic and has been used in some of the most highly   regulated and sensitive ecological environments in the world.  Upon completion      of our process, IOS rejuvenates and recycles the soil in to a rich humic matrix,     (top soil) which has often been used to cultivate fruits, vegetables and ornamental  horticulture.



Onsite Training
IOS provides on-site consulting and training making it possible for internal
personnel to manage their project.   (Click photo to enlarge)